Fernpowered API Entry Point

Hey there! This is the main entry point to the FernPowered apis.
They are available for anyone to use, but as a courtesy I ask you to let me know if you're going hit the server >10,000 times a day. Thanks!
Some useful links:
  • api.js The fast, garbage collected, concurrent, uber-awesome javascript library that I wrote to perform the api calls more efficiently. I promise (cross my heart) to not break backward compatibility when updating this. Some usage notes and examples are further down the page.
  • api-dictionary.js - The dictionary is more of a huge chunk of text that allows forward and backward translation between some output formats used to save bandwith.
  • ranks.png - A tiled image that has all rank images on it. It prevents slow loading images from nexon.net from looking crappy on a fast site. background-position-y can be calculated with (-25 * RankId)

Usage Notes

Most of the apis take a callback parameter.
FpApi.getPlayerStats([ign1, ign2, ...], callbackFunction)
The callback will be called with the first argument being a ServerResponse object.
mycallback = function(response){...}
Primarily, the data retuned by the module in the Response object will be in response.data
mycallback = function(response){console.log(response.data);} The callbacks are stored in closures, and then later called and then deleted by the garbage collector. Hence the standard style of calling and api method should look something like
FpApi.getPlayerStats(["H_Fern"], function(response){console.log(response.data)})

Any questions? Email Me
Hunter "H_Fern",
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